Ornamental y jardin
"Savium Ornamental is a product for plants, trees and lawns for your house and garden. A product designed to be applied regularly acting directly on the growth and vigour of the flowers you plant at home."
Ornamental y jardin


Savium is a natural and organic product extracted from brewer's yeast. It invigorates trees and plants making them stronger, larger and encourages flowering. Savium promotes the recovery of plants and trees after adverse conditions, resulting in plants, lawns and trees that are larger and greener.

- It increases the production of flowers and fruit
- It encourages the natural circulation of the sap
- It activates the development and growth of the plant
- It increases root growth
- It invigorates plants and vegetables

Yeast extracts contain essential amino acids, trace elements and other organic products that help the development and growth of plants. Savium is diluted in water and applied directly to the soil.

It is a natural product that does not harm the soil. Because of its highly diluted application, the exact amount of nutrients that it contains and its low salt content, Savium does not overload or saturate the soil. It is suitable and compatible for combination with other organic products.


Shake before use
Dilute the desired amount with water.
Solution: 10 ml (1 capful) of Savium in 1 litre of water (1/100 solution).
Water soil directly with the solution obtained at a rate of 200 ml per plant and 1 litre per tree.
Apply with the frequency indicated in the table:
Spring and summer: ONCE A WEEK
Autumn and winter: ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS
Example (Dose for 10 plants) and dosage table:


Nitrogen 0,72%
Phosphorus 0,02%
Potassium 0,36%
Organic matter 6,86%
Free amino acids 1%
Magnesium 0,10%
Boron <4mg/kg
Copper <4mg/kg
Zinc 12,6mg/kg
Iron 72,4mg/kg
pH 5-6