"Hortus Natura was founded with the resolution to develop solutions for organic farming. To achieve this, we have created SAVIUM, a selection of natural plant strengthening products extracted from brewer's yeast.
Savium is the result of years of research. Savium is the result of believing that plant nutrition can be administered in a sustainable way. Savium is a commitment to the conservation and balance of the soil a commitment to the preservation of our environment."
Why use Savium?
Savium is a natural activator of the sap which promotes and stimulates the fixation of natural nitrogen from the soil in the plant. Savium nourishes, invigorates and encourages growth in trees and plants naturally.
Savium is the solution for sustainable plant nutrition, a natural product administered in selective doses that avoid saturating the plant and the soil. Its use acts directly on the activation and circulation of sap.
Savium is an environmentally sound solution for individuals or companies seeking a balanced product extracted from a natural source such as brewer's yeast.